Some of the groovy things people have said about Jason Michel‘s writing and COABD. No money changed hands. Promise.

“Jase is a mad, bad genius with a heart of gold.” – Paul D Brazill – The Big Bamboozler and noir kingpin.

“Been a while since I was gut-punched, and smacked around like that. Hesitation is not the name of the game with Jason Michel’s. Straight for the jugular; his words have an industrial strength poetry that holds you rigid, comforting in a life-affirming panic sort of way,” – Ryan Ashton, author of ‘Hark The Sound of Clipped Wings’, and ‘Severance Pay Limited’.

“Jason Michel is a man amongst fleas.” – u.v. ray – Literary revolutionary.

“Jason is himself a man of many worlds. With influences ranging from Cormac McCarthy to Lovecraft plus a hell of a lot of heavy metal, his writing spans genres and ideas.” – Benjamin Imamovic, writer

Confessions of a Black Dog is a book that almost requires multiple readings. The mysteries it raises constantly leading to other questions and puzzles. For days afterward, I carried this book in my mind at work and at home. Highly recommended.” –Pat King, Outsider Writers Collective & Press.

“Never has anybody’s work reflected so deeply the actual ‘man’. Complex, obstinately thumbing its nose at convention, astute in its appraisal of both the writer and the world around him, probing, insightful, rich, and unfettered by modern constraints, a poke in the eye for any and all literary establishments, Jason Michel is not a writer for today, nor he is a writer for yesterday, he is a unique amalgamation of all the best parts of all the writers who did it their way. Highly recommended for those genuinely interested in learning something new. But please God, don’t call him the new ‘anything’, he’s his own man.” – Frank Duffy, The Journal.

“Michel’s work isn’t your garden variety noir.  If you’re well versed in the occult arts, you’ll find a lot here to make you smile with recognition (though I wonder if the less magically inclined will feel all the resonances) and nod your head grimly.” – K. A. Laity, author of the ‘Chastity Flame‘ and ‘Hard-Boiled Witch‘ series.

“The book’s themes include the power of words, their beginning and ending, if it is so, Jason may be responsible for unleashing this book on the frankly vulnerable minds of generations of literature lovers.” – Adam Sandell, video poet.

“He has not been corrupted by the mercenary wiles of multinationalism or the meretricious ruses of profit seeking touts.” – Richard Godwin, author of Apostle Rising.

“a walking, talking, living, breathing example of travel broadening the mind.” – Nigel P Bird, writer

“Having met him, he is not misnamed, he looks exactly like someone who knows they are too unacceptable/good/defeated to stand to be further piddled on by literary corporationdom and is not afraid to twist the cliché of life with the fire of rebellion. All in all he is an ugly tattooed son of a bitch with a lyrical voice of great, well, beauty; if a car crash can be beautiful?” – Adam Sandell, video poet

‘Jason will send you big hairy pirates if you make him smile. Also, he runs probably the most unique ezine I’ve seen yet.’  – Jodi MacArthur, writer & pirate queen.

‘You can’t say no, you know. He’s big and bad. And a bloody good writer.’ – Luigi Clemente, photographer.

‘Jason Michel is one of the finest writers I have ever encountered.  His angry tales portray a vivid sense of drama and character detail, with the rough sensibility of a south-paw fighter. His tales The Wait, and Reynardina in Howl: Dark Tales of the feral and Infernal deliver a one-two punch you won’t likely forget.’ – Mark Crittenden, editor of Howl: Dark Tales of the Feral and Infernal.

“Without trying to be deliberately enigmatic with regard to the prose of Jason Michel, it must be admitted that it hits at a very distinct nerve and does so with a precision in its disregard, it manages to be at once hollow and alluring.  There is something of a razorwalk in his voice, what is rendered to the page something that blurs a reader’s own thought processes with the rhythms of disquiet his characters explore–his writing is something between insight and outright intrusion.  The ‘strange whispers in the blood’ that Knut Hamsun was so set to explore, Michel seems to go after with a von Trier sense of antagonistic humanism. ” – Pablo D’Stair, Brown Paper Bag Publishing, editor of ‘Confessions Of A Black Dog’, and author of ‘Kaspar Trualhaine, approximate’ and ’i poisoned you’.


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"The Heretical Writing Of Jason Michel"

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