This is the OFFICIAL SHOP for books by Jason Michel.


For an experiment, and out of sheer bloodymindedness, I have decided to go completely BITCOIN on this site. Please click on the links below and follow the instructions.  All books are in .mobi (Kindle) format for the moment.
Any problems, please email me on my CONTACTS page.


And The Street Screamed Blue Murder!


Beginning with an impossible murder, the story leads us on a spiralling journey of betrayal into the surreal underbelly of Paris and its most secret street. A mysterious street where the inhabitants are not what they appear to be.

And neither is anything else …

“This a rip-roaring, thoroughly original novella that smashes genres, conventions, and anything else in its way” – Chris Rhatigan

“a classy piece of surrealistic noir worthy of David Lynch at his ‘peak'” – Paul D. Brazill

“Jason Michel unleashes his most carnal and vivid imagination yet, all told in a backseat rider type narration.” – Mav Skye




From the Introduction to TOTALITARIAN DRONE GROOVE by Richard Godwin:

“He is seeking knowledge, not belief. He is seeking to set fire to politics. Merged identities, juxtapositions subverting the assumed logic that masquerades as thought, this is the theatre of the living prisoners and a manifesto. Music, literature, an orgy of ideas and poetry.”

A highly individualistic experiment in an age of CONFORMITY. It is tied to no FORM and DEFECATES on them all. A beautiful catastrophe, a collapsing building in the PSYCHE. A dishonest collection of thought/images; what story it does have makes as little sense as the ever-changing INFORMATIONAL BLITZKRIEG we are subjected to everyday. It is less a labour of LOVE, more a whimsical rant of DISGUST

“Only you could pull this off. It should be all over the shop but it flows” – Paul D Brazill



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"The Heretical Writing Of Jason Michel"

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