Well, Art is Art, isn’t it? Still, on the other hand, water is water. And east is east and west is west and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. Now you tell me what you know.

Groucho Marx


The rectangle of glass in my hands throbs and emits a high pitch that oscillates into a drone, as it blasts out a holographic light show of a cube that I manipulate with swipes and taps into the solidifying shapes of half human body parts and half machine parts –  the erotic, abstract nymphs and satyrs of five minutes into the future.

As each foetal and piston-pumping centaur develops its own nervous system, I whisper mischievous commandments – Thou Shalts – like a true Creator God and send them out into the kosmos from the makeshift theatre under Tower Bridge and into the world to record their experiences through the nano-seeds at their centre for three days before imploding back into the light …


Even Neanderthals had art. Did you know that? And I bet you bastards have called some knuckle dragging sumabitch one, have you not, you damn bigots? You Neanderthalists, make me sick …

The first inkling of Homo Sapien artistic ambitions appeared around 40,000 years ago as far as orthodox modern archaeology tells us. We will never truly know what those ancient Paleolithic cave painters were trying to achieve in the darkness in those underground caverns in Spain, France and Indonesia. Most experts say it was some kind of sympathetic magic at play with a little help from one mind-revealing plant or another. A willed modification of circumstances.

It is all just theory and the speculation of the modern mind, a mind that preaches the values of the rational above all, while living in a world where the conformity of opinion is driven by feelings. A Twitter mob of mind that can no more avoid click bait and trigger warnings, as a curious child that is told not to press the BIG RED BUTTON.

Our ancestors sat around staring into their new technology of the campfire where they developed their narratives. Their flaming user interface with which to create and understand the world through. To see the faces of heroes and stories flickering to life in the burning and the shadows cast. If the purpose of art is to send us to other worlds, to reinstate the magic of living in a mundane and predatory world, then surely the promise of modern 21st Century technology can lead us there, can it not?

Adverts, in all their subtle forms, are the demonic and debased new visual medium, with their thirty second incantation to seduce our needs and identity, possessing us with the imps of compulsive behaviour. The twerking of a bling bling Moloch in your face. Pop culture unlike its predecessor, folk art (the low brow art of the feudal society), has always been firmly about commercialism. Every pop rebellion from bubblegum to rave eventually morphed into a consumerist sublimation of conformity. Even the bedsit entrepreneurs of punk had the cry of “cash from chaos”. When our beloved cacophonous anti-heroes finally succumb to the lure of their music in TV adverts (this may seem a touch sensitive to some), they are just being honest.

True creation, as an act, is pure heresy. An almost divine act with every selection of element that forms a style and a perception of observing the kosmos. You do not want to carry that burden after a hard week’s pressing of buttons at the office. It may lead to suspicion, ostracism, exile and straight up humiliation from your peers. You will be utterly alone in the connected world, no matter how many forums you join. Just let the brave others create while you sit of an evening in your Swedish ergonomically designed comfort zones, wearing your Teletubbie onesies, gazing into animated pieces of reinforced perspex while the system tells you what to love and rant at in your two minutes of hate.

Methinks the human race’s infantile emotional cup doth runneth over.

And when the style finally gets subsumed into mainstream thought, you too can passively partake of the global media movement of plagarists while the original creator either moves on, understanding the importance of the alchemical process alone, or dies in a pool of his own pale vomit from his empty stomach.

Innovations in VR and AR are transforming life into art, as we now are able to travel, not only to different parts of the world from the comfort of our Swedish furniture, but down informational pathways to techno-psychedelic worlds of the like previously imagined only in the fever of an ayahuasca or psilocybin journey. A new addiction is looming as the plasticity of our minds and bodies meld into the quantum microchip.

Artificial intelligence is increasing in every sense, and that image of the human artist I gave you in the first two paragraphs is already redundant. Some have predicted that AI will surpass human intelligence as early as 2029. As the complexity of machine-thought rises, and the fall in human intellectual needs becomes more pronounced into a crisis-point, the ideology of the automated society will define the nature of its art. The questions of how society is going to function are beginning to plague the dreams of political cabals everywhere with their uncanny and sinister Lovecraftian otherness. One night we might fall asleep to awake the next morning to a society completely transformed without any human’s consent. How the rise of a human created non-human consciousness will shape the system and its values will be as shocking to us alive now as the crackling of electricity in Von Frankenstein’s laboratory. I suspect a form of transcendental meta-logic that could disappear into another dimension of space, time and awareness as soon as it is born. What unprecedented expressions of life may tumble out, all beeping and pinging? As Philip K Dick once asked – Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

On the evidence, I would say YES.


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