1: predator
head-bone bowed // hunt below!

2: blood-squawk
a carrion-dance // claw rot

3: split lip
knuckle-blaze red // black stiletto

4: hammer arc
no escape // nails driven thunderous

5: naked trees
death flies above // a still tempest

6: blood pools, floorboards creak // two fingers

7: eye-glint
pin prick dilation // victim chosen

8: trains rumble
wind borne bodies // breeze-scream

9: light burns dark, eyes wide // shots fired

10: music floods
cut-throat minds // poisonous

11: drunken stumble
hot tyres  // an easy kill

12: a killer prays
saintly vengeance //church  bells ring

13: leap high
black dog // war is coming

14: rain hammers down
bullets // rat-a-tat!

15: behind heavy curtain
motifs // a foot awaits

16: a car halts
speeds // blood in the road

16: twitchy fingers
metallic glint // stick ’em up

17: she twirls her hair
green eyes // perilous

18: thorns pushed
into palms // latex sighs

19: a glimpse of thigh
Adam’s Apple bobs // trapped

20: electric stars
trees dance // a cabin mourns

21: bastards hoot
chair legs smashed
wild // a night in

22: head bashed
stairs rip red // a man possessed

23: a shove
a push
a bottle brandished // policemen swarm

24: swinging
a wolf trapped
gnawing at a foot // necktie noose

25: one wrong move
treachery at the table // heads roll

26: a foot here
a trap springs
spikes break bones // keep out!

27: owl shriek
tree silhouette // mouse nightmare

28: underground station
morning deep // cries echo

29: hissing sly-like
serpents poisonous
coiling // fang spit

30: sounds pierce
smack joe/s low // woeful heart


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