VOICE: The subterranean somnambulists are staring unblinkingly into screens merging into a commuting COMMUNION of MAN and TECHNOLOGY. I do not say “MAN and MACHINE” as which one is CONSCIOUS and which is PROGRAMMED, I suspect is contrary to the MOB RULE of popular opinion.  Train doors are wrenched violently open. One or two of the morally autistic automata glance up suspiciously, the constructed SPELL broken momentarily as more PRISONERS enter into the carriage. Peoples’ heads are no longer full of future child-like fancies of personal rocket ships and floating cloud CITIES; the spaces between neurons are now wiped clean and replaced by the FEAR of DEBT softened by the echoes of INVADING advertisements for hand gel and that ONE SPECIAL THING which will make them WHOLE. That ONE SPECIAL THING which will give them the PEACE and DISSOLUTION they so crave. The ONE SPECIAL THING they would DIE to protect now that even LOVE is RECYCLABLE and a mere click away.
At least … until the next GADGET of DESIRE hits the shops. Ad infinitum.
The PRISONERS have permitted a dull sledgehammer to be brought down on the head of their dreams. Locked away in the GUANTANAMO of their HEARTS they secretly know that was better to have WATERBOARDED and KILLED such phantoms before they conspired to stab them in the back.
The Roman EMPIRE had GLORY as well as BREAD and CIRCUSES.
The modern WORLD as defined by the BUREAUCRAT has EQUALITY, as well as fast “food” and The X Factor.
By allowing those TECHNOCRATIC SOULS to define the state of SERVITUDE, the CROWDS are at the mercy of petty whims which aim to turn ALL into MEDIOCRITY and in doing so, create the WORLD in their own image.

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”
H. L. Mencken


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