VOICE: LISTEN! As the desperate VOICES of the SYSTEM’s PROPAGANDA machine splinters our MINDS with their incessant drum beating for WAR and their triumph in turning VICTIMHOOD and POWERLESSNESS into a status symbol to be sought after and even mugged; as the NSA and their Techno-Stasi ilk can spy with their multitude of little eyes, from street corner CCTVs to our own traitorous MOBILE DEVICES, do you, gentle reader, not feel a smidgen PARANOID?
Can you not feel the click of a thousand shutters down your spine?
Electronic lenses burning into what is left of your SOUL?
Scanning your face for clues into your very UNCONSCIOUS IMPULSES?
As the new COLD WAR is brewing in the old cracked teacup of the eternal CIRCUS of the UGLY that is POLITICS, I say it is TIME to slow dance with your innermost FEARS. Twist to the TOTALITARIAN DRONE GROOVE. Clutch your PARANOIA to you like a LOVER as you stamp the floor in a FRENZY to the Last Tango To NOWHERESVILLE. While the band strikes up a tune, why not strike a match and fire up that MOLOTOV as you MONSTER MASH around the dark corners of your SICK and TWISTED IMAGINATION?
BOOGIETOWN is burning in all its RADIANT GLORY.


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