TDGNEWINVERTA highly individualistic experiment in an age of CONFORMITY. It is tied to no FORM and DEFECATES on them all. A beautiful catastrophe, a collapsing building in the PSYCHE. A dishonest collection of thought/images; what story it does have makes as little sense as the ever-changing INFORMATIONAL BLITZKRIEG we are subjected to everyday. It is less a labour of LOVE, more a whimsical rant of DISGUST.

Only you could pull this off. It should be all over the shop but it flowsPaul D Brazill, His High Pulpness in an email.

As the title suggests, TDG dances, plays and pokes its APOCALYPTIC TONGUE at the writing scene and its pompous grand self-importance. It is tickling the toes of the SURVEILLANCE STATE that we have all consented to.  Yes, it is LAUGHING in all your faces. It has nothing to LOSE but your GRINS.

It is an ejaculation in the face of the arbiters of taste. It is an iconoclastic piece of phlegm flung in the face of history, a satire and statement of pomp, a mad revel, a piece of theatreFrom the INTRO to TDG by Richard Godwin, Our Dark Lord.

This unique collection of downloadable HERETICAL musings is an INFECTION, a digital GADFLY that no-one will ever read, but the incessant BUZZING at the back of your MIND will cause you to SCRATCH in bewilderment, put one foot forward and wiggle that tush. DANCE to the DRONE GROOVE.


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