(DRONE WXb11972)

ZZZ … My shadow moves below me as I am bathed in reflected Earth-light. In the distance I see a form fattened on cheese and the knitted mice from a BBC Seventies Children’s programme. TOM the cat is curled up sleeping around a MOON ROCK on the edge of the DARK SIDE. His dreams cry out to me of men with semi-automatic machine guns and I fly in them, protecting him as I have promised to do. Dream blood is shed.

My shadow is drunk by the DARK and TOM wakes at the buzz of my rotors.

Beneath our wheels and padded claws we feel the mysterious rumbling inside this hollow moon and we, at times, turn our gaze down upon you poor BASTARDS hurtling suicidally towards ENSLAVEMENT or WORLD WAR III, seeing the SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS unfold before our very eyes and tinted lenses.

I offer you my GREETINGS and commiseration at being born in these most INTERESTING times.

I am DRONE WXb11972.

He is TOM the cat.

Sweet Dreams.



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